To all the things we did.. from a distance

Remember that rooftop, bare skinned, dunked in full moon feelings? We both were lying together with our arms interlocked, star-gazing. All our dreams came true. That shooting star we saw that night was useless. You pointed at it and told me something cheesy, something that only you would say, “baby, you are the only shooting star I need.” & I know I rolled my eyes, while you looked at me, drawing the perfect smile, making your eyes look smaller than they were. I couldn’t help but smile back. I’m a quiet person, and talking is where you shine. I pointed at the constellation of Taurus. That’s where I shine. You still couldn’t see it, so I gave up trying. We ended up laughing about how ridiculous zodiac signs are and then you told me you don’t believe in them. Few minutes later, you justified doing something because you’re a Gemini. My heart smiled. I’m in love with you.
I decided to give my eyes a break and listen to your heartbeats instead. My head lay closer to your chest as I tried to decipher what your fast beats meant. I hope you love me, too, I thought to myself. Your tongue was well-trained to hide your feelings but it was your hands that couldn’t keep a secret. Your fingers covered in lust, tiptoeing over my body. I inhaled.
That night, I learned how to give my body.


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