I become extremely destructive when I'm in love. Is it even love if it's destructive? can I even love? People talk highly of love and portray it as this beautiful thing but it is the most destructive emotion there is. Love is like a facade you could lose yourself in. Love is just an attachment. … Continue reading .



You're the most intricate puzzle I've had the privilege of solving. Time ticked slowly when I was with you, granting me enough time to unwind your brains and unfold your ripped corners, very carefully. Growing up, I was the best at puzzles. I remember wandering through bookstores trying to look for puzzle books to solve … Continue reading solved

To all the things we did.. from a distance

Remember that rooftop, bare skinned, dunked in full moon feelings? We both were lying together with our arms interlocked, star-gazing. All our dreams came true. That shooting star we saw that night was useless. You pointed at it and told me something cheesy, something that only you would say, "baby, you are the only shooting star I need." … Continue reading To all the things we did.. from a distance