I become extremely destructive when I’m in love. Is it even love if it’s destructive? can I even love?
People talk highly of love and portray it as this beautiful thing but it is the most destructive emotion there is. Love is like a facade you could lose yourself in. Love is just an attachment. I think, the only reason people view love as something romantic is because it destroys both sides equally. The tragedy of sharing your brokenness with someone else.
People tend to romanticize everything. That bruise on my right arm, below my elbow was marked on me by him. I press on it to relive the memory. You can write a metaphor about how beautiful bruises are, how they remind you of the galaxies. We tend to forget that doesn’t really diminish how painful it is.
Maybe people glamorize the painful things to make it bearable. Maybe because there’s nothing beautiful in the world. Maybe that’s why living is beautiful.


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