Paris and you 

Paris screams your name. I wish you would answer it back. I wish you’d have a look around. Would you believe me if I told you everything I see spells out your name? I promise you I’m not lying. Turns out, you’re not only present in your city alone. Baby, you are everywhere I go and right now you are right here. Right here with me. I can see your beautiful face. That smile that captured my heart. Your small eyes, I see you squinting baby have I told you that you have the most contagious smile? Just spread your arm for me, you’re within my reach I can feel you. Just let me hold your hand.

My mom wont stop telling me about how Paris is the city of art. How there’s a museum in every corner. I told her, “without love, there would be no art, mom.” I think Paris is the city of love.

Last night you told me you kept wanting to leave me. You should leave me. Beloved, you live in a city that can barely contain you. What right do I have to make my heart your home?


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