You’re the most intricate puzzle I’ve had the privilege of solving. Time ticked slowly when I was with you, granting me enough time to unwind your brains and unfold your ripped corners, very carefully.
Growing up, I was the best at puzzles. I remember wandering through bookstores trying to look for puzzle books to solve during long rides, plane rides, and every possible moment that could pass. I would time myself every time and try to beat my last record at word search. You see, finding words from every direction was my favorite thing to do. I excelled on it, unfortunately for you. I’ve practiced before you came to my life. I used to think that was merely a hobby, didn’t think it had any notability. My expertise peaked with you. I heard your words before you could speak them. I knew exactly what to say. I looked for the answers that I wanted and meticulously carved a path for them to be released. You taught me to love you. I’ll give you that. I didn’t think that could ever be taught. I watched you spill out the love you have for me and in turn I took it and reciprocated it the best way I could. I saw faint words carved on your skin, your eyes, your hair. I knew what you contained. Sometimes you blinked too hard I couldn’t read your eyes, you covered your skin well that it was hard to read your movements and your hair was always tucked away, ah i wish it wasn’t. Your glorious hair.
When you told me you were an open book, you forgot to mention that your handwriting was close to unreadable scribbles, maybe you did it on purpose.. showing me parts of you making me mistake them for the whole. I had to slowly decipher every letter, find every words. but I figured them out. I read things I shouldn’t have. I found words that scared me. I loved them, they made me feel something. I still devoured that book like it was my favorite novel. I’ve always loved reading books, maybe it’s the innumerable amount of words they contain. I loved immersing myself in words, because you often left me speechless.


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