I have wasps in my stomach


I can’t breathe. I’m feeling so sick to my stomach I had to excuse myself from reality for one hour and 25 minutes because of you. You are so shit but I don’t hope you die. I feel like there’s so much energy focused on the center of my body that it’s building up pressure which might cause a massive ignition like I’m a supernova. Like I’m going to explode on myself. I can’t focus why do I feel like this I’ve never felt like this before. I hate you so much I want to hug you all the time. I’m so all over the place I feel like all my bodily function decided to stop working just when I need them the most. My body is full of something an energy I can’t decipher into actions or words. I don’t know how to let the force within out besides writing, my words may make no sense in a couple of months which I’d hope because I want to forget this feeling as quickly as it came. I’m lost and torn. I’m shaking and I’m filled with something I can’t recognize… emotions? I wish I wasn’t. I wish I wasn’t. I have wasps in my stomach. Not butterflies, not even bees. I have wasps in my stomach. Butterflies would be gentle and tingling, bees would die after they sting my wasps feel like they’re fluttering forever. They’re not giving up. The walls in my stomach are bleeding and are in pain. I’m punching my stomach hoping they would die but it feels like I’m the one who is dying. The only way to let them out requires me to open up my mouth and scream so they’ll follow the sound and be exiled from my trembling temple.


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