uninvited guest

Death took its shoes off at my doorstep, making a home out of my house. Took over a cozy bed and settled between lively creatures. This uninvited guest is more comfortable in my own home than I am. Sometimes my thoughts wander around beautiful thoughts and my eyes gaze at the dark sky filling me up with hope as big as the galaxy above, but somehow it brings me back to it. Its dark hands gripping my shoulders to make sure I don’t lose focus of its reality. As if it’s easy to disregard. How can I forget something that took far too many lovely people I ran out of fingers to count? How can I ignore something when it’s just too real, too certain, too evident.
I’m not fearful of it, I’m just angry. There’s so much anger in me that could light a fire.
How can I let anyone in when i know they will eventually be taken away from me by this monster?
Death doesn’t take people in a blink of an eye. Oh, I wish it does. It smiles at their suffering and sleeps to their aching moans like a lullaby.
Death works in the most unmerciful way.
But I guess that’s what becomes of you when you find solace in lifeless bodies.


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