The only subject i know most is myself. This is why most of my writings starts with I. Am i self-centered?
Is it bad to be self-centered?
I mean, if i’m not the center of my own life then who is?
I wish I had a lover
a person
my person
i could fill these spaces with.
with beautiful metaphors and
cheesy love letters
i wish i was that type of person
but i’m not
i have no other subject but myself
and my life isn’t interesting enough
that is why writing fills the void within me
that could probably be filled with fluttering butterflies
in my stomach
and a fuzzy heart
i want so desperately to be loved
and to love.


2 thoughts on “I

  1. Create your own subject & make your life interesting, no one will ever stop you, it’s your life JUST make the goddamm right decision & make yourself happy.


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