too self centered to not write about myself

I haven’t written anything in a while but i’m constantly overwhelmed by the ignorance of the world and continuously disinterested in things i used to have a heavy interest in and influenced me to be myself. i get so absorbed in somethings but it gradually falls. It’s almost like sand, the tighter you grab it in your palms the more it pours out. Maybe it’s just today. But maybe feeling neutral about a lot of things is better than attaching them with feelings you may not be able to forget.

Another thing is I’m just extremely uncomfortable by my surroundings. As much as i try to get a way i can’t. I feel as though i’m suffocating at times. People say get rid of toxic people but what do you do when the whole world is toxic. Count me in the next flight to mars? is that how i should solve this.

i’m too comfortable being with myself that sitting around others is exhausting to me, between friendly smiles and forcing conversations the process just sucks the life out of me. i hate that being successful in life means to have a circle of socialites that enjoy being ungenuine. while i certainly don’t have an issue with outgoing people. i can’t do it on the daily. i like being myself in the least not depressing way i’m actually completely content and happy with being by myself.


2 thoughts on “too self centered to not write about myself

  1. I’ve never read anything that I could relate to as much as this… but I’ve also never read anything that truly described how I feel and how I view life around me…
    I’ve always believed that loving yourself is the only way of actually being your true self and enjoy it, but then look at me for instance, I’m certain that I love myself, which is wonderful but I feel like I’m very hard on myself sometimes and that I struggle to show all of me to people or even open up to them that sometimes I feel lonely, distant and mostly guilty.
    I don’t usually write this much so excuse my rambling:) I guess your words just truly touched me and awoke something deep inside.

    And btw I Loved all your other writings… 💜

    …H (cause I don’t know whether I want u to know who I’m or not, but I guess you’ll know anyway).


    1. I’m pretty sure i know who you are and im ecstatic to have you on my page. I was feeling distressed which prevented me from falling asleep. But i cant begin to explain how this comment put me at ease. I think being hard on our selves allows us to grow and better ourselves you dont want to look past your mistakes and pretend they dont exist so criticizing can be good but only the things you’re capable to change into something better. As for not being open, it’s your personality and people who love you will be patient to learn your awesome brain one step at a time.
      Thank you dear, so much. You’re a gift.


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