A generation brought up with a dire hatered for education. Tragic.

Education is a right for every human being. Let’s just start there. There are people who fight for their education, walk miles barefooted aching for it just to settle in a roofless class. What a privileged generation that education something that we could easily disregard. Why are we aching for days off while others are longing for more knowledge. Have we been misled so much that we now believe that it’s not important therefor if the right of education was taken from us we’d be okay?Or have we taken it for granted so much so that it doesn’t matter anymore? That we do not value it so much. Which is tragic.

My mom once told me, “to destroy a country you must deprive it from education.” The only way a country can propose is by its knowledge. Without it, there won’t be any light and we would easily be controlled by other countries. By them thinking of us instead of us using our brain it’s pretty manipulative if you come to think about it. You think you’re making your own decision but in fact you’re just picking up choices that were given to you, instead of you making your own.


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