it’s late and i’m up

i feel like i’m wasting my time studying, i used to think like that too in school. however, going to school is mandatory and we can’t argue that. but now, that feeling is extra strong. it’s not that bad but i can hear my wrist watch constantly ticking and its tempting to snatch it off my wrist and throw it out. am i meant to be here? or is staying in a university a waste of time? is education ever a waste of time? I don’t want to have a career aspirations, i want to do so much that limiting myself to one path seems so damning. i’m aware that i can’t learn every aspect of life, but being dedicated into one major, studying only subjects that relate to each other is so dangerous for my brain. maybe this is what made school tolerable. we had so many subjects, if you didn’t like one you might enjoy the other. i don’t want to quit uni because that wouldn’t be acceptable to my family or my society in general. does having a degree make me superior than others who don’t? do people belittle anyone with no degree? i don’t know. probably yes to my family. but why should i follow their mentality when it’s wrong. i’m not stupid because i don’t have a degree. intelligence is not nor will it ever be measured by how many words you can memorize. i want to do road trips, meet new people i want to travel and listen to strangers stories i want to be able to deal with emotional distress and know how to raise a happy child. i want to go to space and see how the planets are aligned. i think of myself as a vagabond so please don’t hold me captive.


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