sometime in 2014

tell me who i am
if i gave you my notebooks that have scribbles and bits of my soul
would you figure me out
if i showed you my music and my favorite songs would you understand me a little
if i let you inside my mind
would you get close to me more
dont lie to me and tell me you know me
because i cant figure myself out
im surrounded by all those things that make me who i am but i have yet found an answer
will i ever know me
i know im sensitive
i know i care too much
i know im an overthinker
i know i like music
i know i find dance appealing
i know i love animals
theres kind of an excitement
of my mysterious parts
a rush tingles down my spine when i find something new about me
im going day by day opening the pages of my soul and flicking through every corner
and highlighting my favorite parts in hope that i would stick to them
i dont want to be an open book
i want to work people out to figure me
i have lived nineteen years trying to know me why hand it to people who barely spend that amount of time on me


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