Your average first post.

First posts should give you the first impression, but please don’t imprison me with a first impression I’m so much more than the first idea in your head. Hear me out.

I strongly believe that if a person doesn’t have a voice they don’t get heard. Typing is my only source of voice, for now. I can’t begin to describe how much I wish to change my atmosphere. It starts with the household. Being misunderstood is a problem but people being too stubborn to understand is a bigger problem. I genuinely believe that if someone starts to insult, slants off the subject it mean you won. They have nothing else to say, you proved your valid points so there only source of attack is insults. Sad quite frankly but like the historic princess of the freezing weather said, Let It Go.

I am not the same person I was last year, last month, hell I’m not the same person I was few weeks ago. That’s the beauty of time, it’s a constant reminder that nothing is permanent. The more time passes the more substance I learn. Knowledge comes from a lot of different places. I read a lot of celebrity gossip (damn it’s addicting) I read random facts, health cares and so so much stuff more. You always find knowledge between the lines. You can literally learn how to communicate better by seeing or reading others’ experiences and how they have dealt with situations. Thereby you knowing what you could do when you’re put in similar situations. Knowledge is everywhere. However; you decide whether you learn or not.

I consider myself a well rounded, mature and I also have an insight of a lot that goes around the world. You may not judge me by a first impression however take as much time as you need to get to know me because I am not as cliché as you might think.


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